SAP and Bitcoin secret – the beginning of a wonderful friendship

It is well known that Blockchain is not only for hip startups. Not only R3CEV, but also VISA, banks or Microsoft are interested in the Blockchain and try there innovations to advance.

SAP, the largest provider of enterprise software, is naturally also interested in the Bitcoin secret

Among other things, the ERP market leader is interested in the Bitcoin secret to which blockchain technology can contribute to innovation in the corporate environment. BTC-Echo reported briefly on the Bitcoin secret.

Raimund Gross is part of the SAP Innovation Center Network. In a telephone call he was available to BTC-ECHO for some questions. The goal of the SAP Innovation Center Network with 17 locations is to evaluate new trends and technologies and to drive innovation forward.

The Innovation Centers work closely with the various business units to identify optimization potential and stimulate new developments. This makes them a large research and development department at SAP. In this context, SAP has also addressed the topic of block chains. In this interview we would like to take a closer look at the liaison between SAP and Blockchain.

Dear Mr. Gross, first of all thank you very much for taking the time for this interview. How did the Blockchain get on the radar of SAP?

The Blockchain has been watched with great interest by SAP since the end of 2014

Our starting point was initially Financial Services (banks and insurance companies), because Blockchain is already very relevant for our customers in this environment. In further steps, we then stretched the framework and also examined use cases and scenarios in other industries and business areas. For example, in the areas of supply chain management, the energy industry, healthcare and the public sector.