Ripple Ruling Imminent: Outcome Could Reshape XRP’s Future

• Ripple vs SEC Case Ruling to be Produced Any Moment From Now – Says Attorney John E. Deaton
• Judge Analisa Torres granted and denied motions from both parties in part, hinting at a quick judgement without any delays.
• Attorney John E. Deaton believes the main takeaway from the ruling could be a clarification on the secondary sales of XRP.

Ripple vs SEC Case Nearing Finale

The Ripple vs SEC lawsuit appears to have reached its finale, as a „ruling“ is expected to be produced any time from now. An XRP proponent and the XRPArmy representative in court, John Deaton believes that Judge Torres has no choice but to deliver the judgment, as no delays may be expected hereafter.

Daubert’s Motion Ruling

In Daubert’s motion ruling, Judge Analisa Torres granted and denied motions from both parties in part. Hence ruling out the possibility of the XRP holders purchasing the tokens with an expectation to gain a huge profit, which was derived from Ripple’s efforts.

Predicted Outcomes After Ruling

Either of three outcomes could be framed after ruling; either producing a judgement favouring the SEC or Ripple or in case if the ruling does not come in favour of any then it could be sent for trial.

XRP Secondary Sales Clarification Expected

Attorney John E. Deaton has put forth his views that the ruling in the US’s SEC lawsuit against Ripple is imminent and he also believes that main takeaway from this decision will revolve around clarification on secondary sales of XRP tokens as well as their expectations for profits related to them being met or not met by investors who purchased them expecting gains due to Ripple’s efforts.


The whole crypto community is eagerly waiting for this decision due to its possible implications and it will affect not only those invested in XRP but also those investing into other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum so they are keeping their eyes peeled on further developments regarding this matter moving forward

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