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• A study showed that the majority of teenagers feel stressed due to academic pressure.
• Factors contributing to the stress include: academic expectations, workloads, and concerns regarding grades.
• Researchers suggest that parents need to intervene in order to reduce the amount of stress their children are feeling.

Stress Among Teenagers

Study Results

A recent study found that a majority of teenagers feel overwhelmed by academic pressures. This affects how they handle stressful situations and can lead to mental health issues such as depression.

Factors Contributing To Stress

The main factors contributing to the stress include high expectations from parents and teachers, excessive workloads, and worries about grades. Other sources of stress for teens may be peer pressure, bullying, or extracurricular activities.

Impact On Mental Health

Teenagers who experience chronic stress can develop poor coping mechanisms which can lead to long-term mental health problems such as depression or anxiety disorders. It is important for parents and teachers to understand the impact of these pressures on teens’ mental well-being in order to help them manage it better.

Intervention From Parents

Researchers suggest that parents should intervene in order to reduce their teenager’s level of stress. This could involve having open conversations about expectations and goals, providing support when needed, or helping with time management skills so that tasks are completed efficiently without added worry or pressure from deadlines.


It is important for parents and educators alike to be aware of the impact of academic pressures on teenagers’ mental wellbeing and take measures in order to reduce this burden as much as possible in order for teens to reach their full potential without becoming overwhelmed by stress.

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