Fed, J.P. Morgan & Ethereum Allegedly Conspire Against XRP – Shocking Revelations!

• Linda Jones, a best-selling author and XRP community member, claims that the US Federal Reserve, J.P. Morgan and Ethereum conspired against XRP to undermine its position in the crypto landscape.
• It is alleged that tech giants such as Vitalik Buterin and Tron were sent by the Fed and China when they visited Ripple’s headquarters as interns or employees.
• The Federal Reserve banks initiated “Project North Star” to construct a crypto ecosystem that would favor their asset over XRP by positioning it as adequately decentralized, while labeling XRP as a centralized entity.

Allegations of Conspiracy

In an explosive series of recent revelations, Linda Jones, a best-selling author and influential voice within the XRP community, has put forth claims that have sent shockwaves through the world of cryptocurrencies. Jones alleges that the United States Federal Reserve, banking giant J.P. Morgan, and Ethereum conspired against XRP, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, to undermine its position in the crypto landscape.

Link Between Ethereum & China

Her allegations came to light just as reports exposed a link between Ethereum, China, and Prometheum. In the early days, Buterin, Tron and other people appeared at the Ripple office as interns and employees. It now appears they were sent by the Fed and China.

Project North Star

According to Jones, bigwigs from the crypto sphere were actually emissaries from government institutions when they visited Ripple’s headquarters. This follows Matt Hamilton suggesting that Buterin once sought an internship at Ripple. The Federal Reserve banks saw this potential technology threat creating a fair playing field which would take away their power so they initiated “Project North Star” to construct a crypto ecosystem favoring their asset over XRP by labeling it adequately decentralized while calling XRP centralized entity .

Ethereum & JP Morgan Nexus

Adding another layer of complexity to this intrigue is an apparent nexus between Ethereum and J.P Morgan – two entities at odds with one another yet linked together in this conspiracy against XRP according to Jones‘ allegations. As reported previously by The Crypto Basic , JPMorgan Chase reportedly bought out $1 billion worth of Ether (ETH). According to some sources , this purchase was made for JPM Coin issuance on Quorum blockchain – JPM Coin being JPMorgan’s own stablecoin .


These are serious allegations from one of many voices within the ever-growing world of cryptocurrencies but if true could potentially shake up how we view our financial system today – both traditional banking systems alongside cryptocurrencies vying for market share in this new digital era

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