Despite bear market: Bitcoin loophole records monthly increase of 50 percent

Waves was able to record a good 50 percent price increase in the last month. This coincided with the announcement of a software update. Nevertheless, there was a setback in the last 24 hours.

Waves was launched in spring 2016 and collected a total of $16 million during the ICO. While many projects disappeared after the ICO hype in 2017, Waves was sometimes able to hold its ground bravely – despite the bear market.

Waves currently ranks 29th among the crypto currencies with the highest market capitalization – with a supply of 100 million WAVES at a current rate of 1.80 US dollars. Especially last month, the token performed exceptionally well, with the overall price rising by 50 percent.

New features for the Bitcoin loophole

In terms of time, the increase coincided mainly with the announcement of a Bitcoin loophole update. To this end, the Bitcoin loophole company announced on December 3 that the mobile app now offers a number of new features. The Waves app now promises a mobile app that includes a wallet for crypto currencies, Waves DEX support and a Fiat interface. Furthermore, all payment transactions on the app are encrypted. The app now also offers the possibility to be warned about suspicious tokens and potential scams.

According to the Waves team, it wants to conquer the market for mobile crypto users. The company estimates that there are 207 million customers in the US and over a billion people in China to reach.

Waves course receptive to announcements

The fact that the Waves share price is quite receptive to announcements has already become apparent in the past. With the news that Smart Contracts could be integrated into the existing system in the future, the Waves token was already out 30 percent in September.

But not – as is currently the case – without immediate correction: Within the last 24 hours, the Waves course then ebbed again by almost ten percent. So it’s well worth it for waves traders to wait for further announcements.