CribX Launches CRI3X Token: Revolutionizing Virtual Entertainment!

CribX Launches CRI3X Token

• CribX is a web3 startup leading the way in the development of virtual eXperiences across Metaverse partner platforms
• They are launching their CRI3X token on the 23rd March 2023 as an integral part of its virtual entertainment ecosystem
• This token will be used to power transactions and interactions within CribX’s virtual ecosystem, which includes a range of offerings such as original film intellectual property (IP), games, and other virtual experiences

Revolutionizing The Entertainment Industry

Cri3X is revolutionizing the entertainment industry by offering audiences a new level of immersive experiences that blur the line between reality and the virtual world. Through partnerships with Somnium Space, Mintable, Mogul Productions, Avatary FACEGOOD, and DreamScreenAustralia, it is breaking new ground in the virtual entertainment industry with its cutting-edge concepts that create virtual experiences across Metaverse partner platforms.

Cri3x Ecosystem

The platform will offer users access to a variety of films, documentaries, and web series through its virtual cinema chain; play-to-earn games for rewards; live music from big name artists from the comfort of their own home though their smart TV or Mobile device via the CRIBX app; and NFTs.

Endless Possibilities

Founder Anthony Hayes commented “We are thrilled to launch our CRI3X token and expand our general entertainment virtual ecosystem. Our platform offers users a new way to engage with their favourite entertainments”. With endless possibilities at hand through this innovative web 3 entertainment platform, users can expect exciting times ahead.


Through its innovative approach to creating immersive experiences across multiple web 3 communities, Cribx is revolutionizing how people interact with their favorite entertainments virtually. By launching its own token as part of its virtual ecosystem – CRI3X – it has opened up endless possibilities for users around the world.

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