Bitcoin Rockets Above $35K as US Banking Crisis Deepens

• PacWest Bancorp, a struggling U.S. bank, is considering strategic options, including a potential sale, as its shares plummet.
• The turmoil in the U.S. banking sector has intensified, with TD Bank scrapping its planned acquisition of First Horizon.
• Bitcoin’s price continues to rise amid the uncertainty, with some experts predicting a potential rally to $35,000.

US Banking Crisis: PacWest Bank On The Brink Of Collapse

PacWest Bancorp, a California-based American bank is facing financial difficulty and is exploring various strategic options for survival such as raising new capital or a potential sale. This comes in light of TD Bank’s decision to abandon its planned acquisition of First Horizon due to uncertainty surrounding regulatory approval of the deal.

Bitcoin Steals The Spotlight

Amid this instability in the traditional banking system, Bitcoin’s price continues to surge and experts are predicting that it could reach high levels such as $35,000. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has hinted at a possible pivot while JPMorgan analysts have predicted that Bitcoin could become an alternative currency for global payments if it can overcome challenges such as volatility and scalability issues.

Strategic Options Being Considered By PacWest

PacWest Bancorp has revealed that it has been approached by potential partners and investors while seeking ways to secure its financial future and ensure maximum shareholder value. Sources familiar with the matter have revealed that the bank had enlisted boutique investment bank Piper Sandler to help explore strategic options including a potential sale but no formal sale process has been initiated yet as other alternatives are also being considered such as raising new capital.

What Does This Mean For Investors?

The increasing difficulties faced by traditional banks may be seen as an opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios into digital assets such as Bitcoin which seems poised for further gains if predictions come true about it becoming an alternative currency for global payments solutions.


The US banking crisis is deepening with PacWest Bank on the brink of collapse and TD Bank abandoning plans for acquiring First Horizon due to regulatory approval uncertainties amidst rising Bitcoin prices which could potentially rally even higher depending on how it overcomes challenges such scalability issues in order to become an alternative currency for global payments solutions. Investors should look at this situation carefully before making any decisions regarding their portfolios

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