Bitcoin on the hunt for records: Realized capitalization at an all-time high

While the realized Bitcoin capitalization reached an all-time high, the number of addresses that send BTC to exchanges has doubled since the beginning of the year. The market update.

The Bitcoin Course (BTC) continues its dive and glides with a 24-hour decline of 1 percent gradually toward the 10,000-US-dollar mark. At the time of going to press, the largest cryptocurrency was trading at USD 10,313, which is 5.8 percent in the red on a weekly basis.

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The midsummer rally is currently casting its shadow on price developments on the crypto market. Profit-taking prevents significant price increases and keeps the key crypto currency in check again and again, while the DeFi market , which has recently been heated up, is cooling down somewhat and many DeFi tokens and ethers can be corrected downwards as a result.

Realized Bitcoin market capitalization at an all-time high

According to data from Glassnode, Bitcoin’s realized capitalization has increased by roughly 50 percent compared to the bull year 2017. The realized capitalization is one of Coinmetricsdeveloped key figure. In contrast to the total market capitalization, in which the exchange rate is multiplied by the available supply, the realized capitalization adds up the rates at which the respective Bitcoin was last transferred. The metric therefore records Bitcoin not held by exchanges.

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The capitalization realized by Bitcoin is therefore currently 115 billion dollars and thus around 43 billion US dollars higher than the all-time high in 2017. With a current total market capitalization of around 190 billion US dollars, investors have achieved a profit of 65 percent.

A worthwhile investment

Following on from this, it is hardly surprising that the majority of all addresses in the network make a profit from a Bitcoin investment. At the current exchange rate, around 75 percent of all Bitcoin addresses have made profits from a BTC investment.

As the graph shows, investing in Bitcoin has rarely been unprofitable. In only three increasingly shorter phases, the value was below 50 percent and consequently in the red. The majority of hodlers, however, have still made profits from BTC.

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