Binance: Bitcoin exchange prepares for the news spy

Binance offers a new feature. With the possibility of opening several sub-accounts, the Bitcoin exchange wants to prepare itself for the long-awaited institutional investors. Will this then attract the cops?

Institutional investors are traded as the news spy in the Bitcoin community

Whether Bitcoin Futures or even Bitcoin ETF – the „Big Players“ should finally flush the news spy of the big money into the coffers, so that the news spy should rise again. Even if the technical analyses currently speak another language, the players from the industry are preparing themselves confidently for the big coal still (or again?) coming into the crypto market.

Only on 5 December did we report, for example, that Xolaris was offering the possibility of investing in crypto currencies through a private equity fund. Minimum investment: 250,000 euros, maximum issue volume: 30 million euros. At the current exchange rates, it’s not yet worth investing, according to the founding team. But that will change soon. It smells a bit like Bulle.

Binance counts on institutional Bitcoin investors

Binance is now beating into a very similar presche. The Bitcoin exchange announced in a blog post on 6 December that it was introducing its „long-awaited“ sub-account feature. This means that in future it will be possible to manage up to 200 subaccounts under one master account. In addition, better tracking of activities is possible; data such as login history, order management or asset management can now be better monitored.

What’s special: The sub-account feature is only available for users with VIP level 3 and for corporate customers. This prepares Binance for institutional investors. To this end, Wei Zhou opposite the Block:

„We see an increase in institutional accounts in the [crypto] space and expect institutional demand to pick up significantly in the coming months. One of our priorities is to provide a platform that serves the needs of these clients as well as our private clients.“

It remains to be seen whether the cops will finally dare to leave the door again. Nevertheless: Despite all the bear smell one means to feel a bullish breeze.